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Passion Makes the Difference!
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The world of publication design, branding, and printing ignites a passion in me.

In 1982 my wife, Lynette, and I started a graphic design and consulting company called Ultimate Service. We later expanded to provide quick-printing services and became The InkSpot. 

Ahh, the smell of blanket wash and the manly look of ink-stained fingernails. But there came that day when I hung up the printer's apron, stowed away the Rapidograph pens, and ambivalently marched off to grad school to launch a new career in higher education. Although I have spent the last 25 years in various education roles and non-profit leadership, graphic design has always been an important factor in my teaching and service. This is the lens through which I view the world, and I love the view. Designing publications such as brochures, posters, banners, websites, programs, and especially newsletters and magazines, brings me great satisfaction and exhilaration.

Brand clarity is what I bring to my clients. Seeing the excitement in clients' eyes as they experience their new brand makes the effort more than worthwhile. Newsletters and magazines are a welcomed challenge because they draw together writing, editing, design, and negotiation skills to create publications that communicate the right message and help your community and customers relate.  

My higher education experience includes teaching business communication, publication design, journalism and leadership at Oakwood University, Indiana University, Howard University, Virginia Tech, and Winston-Salem State University. All of these experiences have contributed to a balanced portfolio of skills and relationships that make my work for you more than lines on paper. 

Aside from the work, I'm a family man; the proud father of two adult children (Donald Jr. and Summer) and one grandson (Jaden). Lynette and I have been married for 40+ adventure-filled years. 



The simple explanation is that the white crosshairs object is a registration mark used by offset printers to properly align color separations. However, there's more to the symbol than that. The figure-ground aspect of the symbol is a person with arms raised in victory--customer satisfaction and designer joy! 

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DONArt Paintings

I'm glad to introduce this collection of electronic paintings that I have done using the Procreate app on an iPad Pro and Series 6 iPad with an Apple Pencil. Using Procreate has been a blast. I would not call myself a fine artist but I have been having fun learning. The focus of many of the paintings is my personal interests as a youth in the 60s and 70s. Others reflect more current themes and things of interest. 

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