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Brand clarity, group, interpersonal, and intrapersonal communication all come together with the exciting, relational approach used by Don Wood in his BClear Communication and Brand clarity sessions. Don digs deep into the need for relationship building as the key to organizational and brand success. His fast-paced, hands-on training gets to the heart of many of today’s team problems with workshops such as these: 

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Brand New, Brand YOU!

A brand is far more than a logo or a tagline. Those marks succintly represent your purpose for being--your WHY. At the end of the day, your clients aren’t buying your product, service or idea; they’re buying why you do what you do! Your mission, your story, your passion should be infused in every molecule of what you sell. This workshop takes you through 3 critical questions: Why do you exist? Why is that important? And why should people buy YOU? Get ready to fire up your Brand!


From Fearful to Fear-Fueled

Have you ever turned down an opportunity because of fear of failure only to regret that decision when you realized that you would have been great in that role? Fear chokes the vitality out of life. How do you get over the paralysis of fear? This workshop teaches you how to ignite your fight or flight energy and turn it into fuel that thrusts you forward to your place of success. Learn the 5 steps to taking charge of your future! 

Lose the War; Win Their Hearts

Self-protective, self-focused attitudes put us at war with a world of threats, both real and imagined. These perceptions lead us to dehumanize those who pose a threat to our positions and esteem. Such behavior leads to broken communication, stifled organizations, burnout, and shattered lives. This workshop will break down the causes of such inward focus and provide strategies to win by losing the war! You’ll discover the 4 amazing steps to winning the hearts of clients, coworkers, and stakeholders. 

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